the image on top is "Welcome Home Sweet Sugar" by Kelsey Brooks

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kayaking in Cambodia

Imagine paddling a kayak, passing a Cambodia school kid that's paddling their way home to her floating home.

Entwining yourself deep into the jungle, floating past lotus flowers and vines, laughing with your friends as you try to maneuver an instrument that the locals have so gracefully mastered.

The experience is paramount.

Thy, our guide, was a burst of positive energy, and brimming with information about Cambodia. The whole set up is super professional, and definitely a good idea for a school tour group. Every need—from water bottles to hats to shield you from the sun— is taken care of.

More importantly, it's a way to get much more intimate with the floating villages.  The boats that rage by are remote, and removed from village life. They kayaking gives you a chance to interact with the locals and see more eye to eye- literally.

They take us a to lunch at sweet spot- the village’s only restaurant- where we were served bamboo-wrapped sticky rice with sweet beans, pork and coconut. Thy accompanies us the whole time, enriching our experience with historical tidbits and facts about village life.

The actual journey through the forest is unforgettable- there’s that wonderful moment when you realize you’re completely present to the beauty that’s pouring in from all sides. When my arms ached a little from the kayak, but in a good way, a reminder of how good it can feel to be alive.

For those that like nature adventures- hit this up before Anchor Wat.