the image on top is "Welcome Home Sweet Sugar" by Kelsey Brooks

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Etched by a Diamond

"I myself shall continue living in my glass house where you can always see who comes to call; where everything hanging from the ceiling and on the walls stays there as if by magic, where I sleep nights in a glass bed, under glass sheets, where who I am will sooner or later appear etched by a diamond"- Andre Breton, Nanja

Sometimes I think I'm waiting for someone to come along and tell me who I am.

A perfect reflection of the caprice and wisdom of my being.

In the complete acceptance and understanding of this creature, I will be complete.

I will also be complete with a PhD, a million dollars, and a sound & therapy center in every major city and a few off-the-beaten path locales.

For travel, and variety, you know.

As I'm walking through Berkeley, I sink as I pass over a soft plywood that's covering construction.

A few steps pass, and I turn around, because there is the chance that it could be the portal to a secret world. I blame every children's book ever written for thoughts like these.

I walk back over it, and I note that the hole under it (partially visible crack) is rather deep. Instead of a portal, it could be a rather long and painful fall, and a waiting to be rescued. I'm really not in a position to be breaking any bones right now.

I walk a few steps forward, and I realize that this though would be the perfect decoy for a hidden world.

So I go back over it. And pause for three breaths. I close my eyes. I put all my weight on it, but it doesn't sink through. In retrospect, I could have jumped.

Here is my desperate belief in hidden worlds in need of discovery.