the image on top is "Welcome Home Sweet Sugar" by Kelsey Brooks

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ethics, Mugwort and Dreams

Let's talk tricky ethics.

Do you go off to war for your country or stay at home and help your mom?

What's the right choice?

It depends who you ask, doesn't it? It depends on their worldview. Now, I am fairly confident of the choice I would make in that situation, but what if I was a doctor choosing to give a heart to a 10 year old girl or an 8 year old boy. Any tricky, moral problem.  One where there are mutually exclusive integral ways of beings. Ethics then becomes a living, breathing vibrant inquiry.

From another perspective, then ethics becomes pesky spin-cycle mind torture. Especially as, although I may not really have the opportunity for any course of action, or the whole situation could be turned on its head in an instant, it's still interesting (and here's a bit of self-mockery) that I want to explore the ethical realm of my choices at the moment regardless. Intensely.

I feel like I'm caught in a moral crossroads; whatever action/way of being I take now will follow me for a while. It will feed into my perception of all beings, it will characterize the state of peace (or not) that I will have in the future.

I love how life shakes me up. Most choices are like "Oh, I'll just take the loving ethical goddess perspective".  And this time around its like, yeah, uh, good luck finding that one.

It really boils down to 'what do I want to be the right thing to do?'. 'What paradigm do I want to live with?'

And then I stop and really don't know. It sounds like some pretty authentic conflict. Actual split-between-two-worlds part. I can sense my past experiences nudging their way in, too, and it's like ah-what-are-you-doing-here?

I guess I could.....go to sleep and wait for more information (which sounds miserable), or..... explore the global dream consciousness for clues (which sounds like way more fun). Mugwort, sage and the intention to have a full experience. Good night.