the image on top is "Welcome Home Sweet Sugar" by Kelsey Brooks

Saturday, August 17, 2013

LA Unplugged

Three of us; David, Yohei and I, decided to take up a small venture. Our founding team had a simple yet exhilarating mission; we wanted to jump off a cliff.

Into water, you know. We found advisers along the way, and every time we wanted to give up (about five)- we chose instead to pivot.

As we first started upon our journey, we encountered two birdwatchers. I asked if I could take their picture; they said yes.

"That's a huge lens you have there," commented Yohei.

"Yes," says the birdwatcher, Mark, "Take a look, you can see all the detail". He shows us a surprisingly HD sparrow.

I open up the camera on my phone. "You don't mind if I take a picture of your picture," I say, snapping away; adding, rhetorically, "You don't think that's weird, do you?".

"...Well, it's a little weird, yes" says Mark.

I laugh, "oh, well, we're on this camping trip, LAUnplugged. And the organizer, he couldn't come on this hike, so I'm documenting the journey to share with him."

"Unplugged, as in, you're not supposed to be on your phone".

I'm dumbfouned. "...uh, yes. Yes, you've accurately interpreted that".

"You may want to do a better job of getting unplugged".

He was right, because for the first part of the hike, all I thought about was how to share this on social media.

Friday, August 2, 2013


The worst emotion in the world is longing. Even sadness has a satisfaction to it.